Wireless Home Alarms in Home Security Systems

For home security, wireless home alarms are becoming a more and more popular means of protecting your home from strangers or sinister characters who would invade in the middle of the night to steal everything you hold dear. cell-95478718Wireless alarms are merely the next step in the evolution of home alarms – instead of being bound to wiring in the walls, the alarm system is all interconnected using wireless technology and radiofrequency waves. You already know the value of going wireless, so this article will focus on what wireless home alarms can do for the homeowner.

Wireless home alarms are fairly simple to explain. With an alarm system, there’s an electrical circuit that the system is concerned with. For example, there’s an electrical circuit running between the front door and the wall, such that any change in the circuit’s status – breaking or connecting it – will trigger an alarm to go off. With a closed circuit home alarm system, the circuit is constantly connected, and a breach in the system will break the flow of electricity through the circuit. This motion will trigger the alarm. The converse type of system is the open circuit home alarm system, in which the circuit is usually unconnected. A system breach will then close the circuit, allowing electricity to flow through it and signaling the alarm to react. Whichever type the system is, any change in the status of the electrical circuit signals the alarm to go off.

House Night 179061993For wireless home alarms, this may or may not mean that a loud ringing goes off. Increasingly, homeowners are steering clear of the obnoxiously deafening house alarm because it startles criminals away so that they aren’t caught and held accountable for their actions. And it wakes you and the whole neighborhood up from the dead of sleep, which is a pleasant experience for no one. Instead, the wireless home security system will dial your monitoring service to let them know that something has happened to trigger the alarm at your residence. This will be done silently, leaving a pre-recorded message so that the intruder has no idea they’ve been caught and that responders will be there shortly. That is what the monitoring service will do – first they will contact you directly to see what’s going on, and then they will send a response team if you’re unreachable or if there’s a real problem. In addition, or if you don’t have a monitoring service, wireless home alarms can remotely contact you so that you are immediately notified the second someone accesses the home when the alarm is set. This can be really handy when you’re at work and someone tries to get in. it also means that you can have the alarm set always and when your kids get home from school, you can know the minute they’re home safe. Wireless home alarms allow you that remote connection to your home so that you can know what’s going on there without literally being tied to it with wires.

Home security systems without wireless alarms will still be beneficial for protecting your home. But with wireless home alarms in your arsenal, you’ll be much more wholly protected. You’ll have the quality home security you want and deserve for your home.