Wireless Security Camera System

While a wireless security camera system isn’t essential for wireless home alarms, there’s a lot that a wireless security camera can do for your home security system. 116156554-dallasWireless cameras can accompany your alarms or be connected to your alarms to allow for increased surveillance of your property, ensuring that you are completely aware of what is going on at all times and that if you are not at home, you are notified immediately when something happens. Wireless security cameras come in many different varieties, a few of which will be described here for your benefit so that you can know the kinds of cameras you can install with your home security system to maximize the potential for quality home protection.

Hidden Cameras

Living Room Panorama in Luxury Home 94098906As their name suggests, hidden cameras are a great boon to any wireless security camera system because they are undetectable. Often these are hidden in devices such as clocks or smoke detectors – common, everyday objects that criminals aren’t likely to notice. This aspect allows you to remain completely invisible as you observe the intruder who is attempting to pull the wool over your eyes. Hidden cameras can be in other devices as well, and they can be set to allow remote access viewing. They can also record what they are viewing on DVR or SD cards so that you can check the data later if it is more convenient for you.

Dome Cameras

Your wireless security camera system could also include a few dome cameras. Basically, these are cameras that are placed within a glass dome that is then stuck to a wall somewhere, usually on the ceiling in the corners of rooms or on the porch. The glass may be smoky to hide the camera inside it. This prevents people from realizing they are under surveillance because they can’t see where the camera lens is pointing. Dome cameras are getting pretty common for video surveillance products in home security systems.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

One of the most expensive but also the most desirable kinds of cameras for a wireless security camera system is the pan tilt zoom camera. This camera can pan, it can tilt, and it can zoom for your viewing pleasure. Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331Whether you want to look more to the right or left, up or down, or focus really closely on one detail, you can do so with one of these contraptions, which means you have a far greater radius and range of view with the pan tilt zoom camera than with other kinds of cameras, no matter how good they are. One of these cameras usually costs a few hundred dollars at minimum, which is no small expense but which provides ultimate security protection. It’s a way of turning your wireless security camera system into a really top notch system.

If you’re looking for quality home security, installing a wireless security camera system isn’t a bad idea. Whether you get dome cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, hidden cameras, or other kinds of cameras, you’re looking at installing a whole new set of eyes to monitor the safety and security of your home. With their combined strengths, your home security system will definitely be top of the line.